Fraud / Scam Alert !!

CIS Document

The owner of Coast to Coast Special Investigations, Sean Peirce is currently investigating an international Fraudster by the name of Randall Allen Drew ( USA Citizen – PASSPORT: 549854101 / 488936185 born December 18, 1967) . The claim and allagations are Fraudulent Bank Instruments and claiming to be able to monetize these banking instruments.

Mr. Randall Allan Drew and his businesses began appearing in litigation filed in the Hamilton County courts as early as 2005 .The court cases alleged tax evasion and breach of contract. The most notable cases include the State of Ohio taking $22,378 from Mr Randall Allan Drew in unpaid taxes.

$442,500 against Mr Randall Allen Drew for a breach of contract in 2005, and Star Communications Services being awarded $13,778,594.17 against Duct Utilities & Technologies, Inc., Fast Point Acquisition Group Corp Owned by Mr Randall Allan Drew for breach of contract in 2008.

We strongly advise against doing any type of business or transaction/s with Mr Drew.

Mr Randall Allan Drew is currently frequenting Hong Kong and is still scamming people out of 100’s of Thousands of US Dollars and Euro’s. We Believe that the reason for Mr Drew frequenting Hong Kong is due to the fact that there are Debt collection firms in the USA who are currently and actively seeking to locate him due to outstanding Debts in the USA. He also claims to be married to a Russian and living in Moscow This is where he makes his clients transfer monies to  obviously support his lifestyle there .Should you have any details regarding Mr Randall Allan Drew and his fraudulent activities  please feel free to contact us as we are in the process of building a International Criminal Case against him so that we can put a stop to his fraudulent activities . He makes you pay monies into different account’s around the world and promises huge returns that never work .Our client paid him a lot of money and when things never materialized he asked for the monies back , he then got threatened and blocked on his mobile phone and lost all his money . .

Do not part with your money you won’t get it back!!

PLEASE HELP IF YOU HAVE ANY INFO !!!! or +27825106516