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Update on William Gerald Mckeag

Following up on our Scam Alert Article on William Gerald Mckeag on the 11/02/2020 he was found Guilty in the Courts in Dubai for Embezzlement of Money or Bonds Delivered to Him as well as Hurt the Rights of Owners ( breach of trust ) and was sentenced to 1 year imprisonment and a Fine of Dirhams 641 755  which is + – $ 200 000 .

Fortunately for him he is hiding in Instabul and was not present on the Judgement Date in Court . If he ever returned to Dubai he would face 1 year in prison and after that be deported straight away.

We have received more complainants but they have not yet taken him to court.

Do not do any Gold or Diamond deals with him.Stay away from this guy you will loose your money .

For more information feel free to contact me on
+27 82 510 6516