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Scam Alert – Fake Dating Sites, Whatsapp, Facebook and Social Media Naked Picture Scams

Visiting Dating and Various Social Media Sites is Great – but when you start getting requests to send NAKED PICTURES of yourself without clothes on and of  your private parts never send any pictures .You will probably be sent pictures of the person you are talking to and then they will say but I sent you some of me , so you must now send me some of you, NEVER SEND NEVER. More than likely they are not pictures of the person you are talking to but SCAMMERS waiting to catch you out.

The latest scams going around requests people to send pictures and then threaten you that they will publish them on your facebook and social media accounts   and send them to your entire family unless you send them money . Never send money or pictures . The person who is threatening you is committing BLACK MAIL and EXTORTION and if caught can face a lengthly JAIL  SENTENCE (+ – 10/15 yrs ).

They use cell numbers that are not registered to them and fake facebook and social media accounts that they believe are not trace able , but they are very wrong as the POLICE can get the GPS co ordinates for the phones been used , IP addresses for the computers / ownership details and arrest them.

There are also many other ways to track and trace them but our suggestion is to be very careful and never send pictures and never pay any money over because then they have got you right where they want you.

For more information about this on going SCAM please feel free to contact us on –

+27 82 510 6516