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Project Description

Debt collection in Durban, Johannesburg, Capetown & International

We co-ordinate the recovery of bad debt.

Stemming from either Unpaid Accounts, Unpaid Invoices or Judgements taken by the Courts against a Person, Person’s or  Companies.

We have the facility to Issue a 28 Day Final Demand Letter for unpaid accounts and or Invoices, We can then list the said Person or Company on Credit Bureau for failure to comply with our 28 Day Final Demand Letter.

This is a very effective tool in Debt Collecting and we have Achieved a High success rate from using this technique, the consequences of being listed on Credit Bureau either in a  personal capacity or in a Company capacity  is extremely damaging.

We will assist with repossessions of Assets or Goods, in order to re-cover outstanding monies and cover unpaid amounts.

We will assist with the co-ordination between the Client and Attorneys in Court to achieve maximum results.

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